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gif of your girlfriend, .gif of a fight between you and your friend, joke that your friend couldn’t talk for a year. With Coub, .gif you can make it into a loop, add soundtrack, and submit it to YouTube. You can make hundreds of loops. If you are good at .gif you can become .gif millionaire. I saw .gif loops like the funniest .gif I ever .gif saw on .gif YouTube, they brought me so much joy. All I have to do is to upload a video, make it into a loop, add soundtrack and submit it. I used Coub on the video of my girlfriend. .gif It was just like she is talking to me. I have a lot of happy .gif moments. I am so happy that I make a living from my passion, .gif I love doing this, .gif it’s so much fun. It’s like I’m the .gif star of .gif YouTube. I am young, I am doing .gif amazing things, I can talk to my friends, I can talk to my girlfriend. I can talk to everyone. .gif One day, I saw a video, .gif In it, there were .gif .gif so many .gif young kids watching a .gif video, they were so sweet. They were yelling out of joy to the person who made the video. They were so enthusiastic. .gif They also made their own videos, they were so creative. They made the loop into .gif many times, they wrote on it the text that they like. It was .gif so pure and so innocent. It made me feel .gif the world is .gif better. It made me feel so .gif good. It made me .gif so peaceful. It made me feel so happy. They are so excited, because they see .gif they can also .gif become .gif a .gif video star someday. They can be .gif their own .gif channels. They can be themselves in .gif their own way. They are more independent than the people who were with me before. The .gif videos that they watched, made them love .gif YouTube. They also contributed to .gif the YouTube’s ecosystem. They



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