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Reference number: C220

Industry: service   IT  

Region: ZIP code area 1

Turnover: €402,000.00

EBITDA: €25,000.00

Number of employees: 19

Number of locations: 2

Establishment/legal form: GmbH

PDF: Download teaser as PDF

Company description:

A company based in Germany in the legal form of a GmbH with a foreign subsidiary is for sale. The IT development center currently employs 19 software developers and test engineers with the following focal points: C#.NET (including libraries such as DevExpress), Java, Office applications (Office automation with VBA, .NET).

In addition to its own software product for financial reporting, the company develops web applications, mobile apps, online platforms and other customer-specific software solutions and can draw on its extensive cloud expertise.

At the foreign location, all processes from accounting, compliance to recruiting are in a steady state; a scaling of the development team with the desired technology stack is possible at any time. The added value is fully geared to the offshore location, where a German-speaking project manager also looks after the majority of well-known customers. There is no employment relationship in the German parent company.

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